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Participants in TAG 1, Charleston, 2015

Traditional Architecture Gathering Number Four – – Traditional Architecture, Urbanism, and Craft in the 21st Century

Online, from Washington DC—26-27-28 February 2021

TAG is an acronym for the Traditional Architecture Gathering. Initially held in 2015 at the American College of the Building Arts, its participants were drawn from the University of Miami’s TradArch listserv. Since 2001(?), they have had ongoing conversations on diverse topics of architecture, urbanism, and craft. Highlights of this community include the live Classical Councils in Alexandria, VA (2003), the Viseu Declaration on Architectural education (2004), the Boston Classical Council (2004), and the Charleston Classical Council (2005). The previous TAG gatherings (Charleston, 2015; Raleigh, 2017; Richmond, 2019) were organized as democratic forums based on the following groundrules:

  1. Non-discriminatory: Everyone on the listserv is welcome
  2. No hierarchy: We’re all professionals. A meeting of equals. Inspiration may come from any of us
  3. Open agenda: Participants are encouraged to bring their own ideas for vote as subjects of discussion
  4. Attendance is free. The hosts cover the costs of venue, refreshments, meals, and technology. Donations are welcome.

This year, the Open Podium of the Classic Planning Institute (CPI) is hosting TAG 4. The Classic Planning Institute and its affiliates are based on humanity, beauty, nature, and history, as described in part in The Art of Classic Planning. Devoted to the highest level of practice, education, and scientific rigor, the CPI stewards the classical method knowledgebases. The Open Podium is a completely impartial platform, open to anyone over age 10 who loves beauty in the built environment, and who maintains respect and decency. The program will be published shortly. For more information please contact,

Event Outline

		TAG 4 / CLASSICAL COUNCIL  February  26-27-28, 2021 image
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