Urban Diagnostics


How is Your Community, City, or Town Doing?

Mayors, city administrators, NGO’s, developers, private and public organizations, and concerned citizens want o know how their urban fabric is doing. .Based on biometrics and holistic measures of urban wellbeing, the CPI can evaluate the various aspects of urban fabric’s Stress and Resilience (S/R) Metrics.

While no direct effects of Political, Municipal, Military, and Socioeconomic crises are addressed per se, all diagnoses include

  • Town and Country resilience
  • Architectural stress
  • Urban Homeostic Imbalance

For $5,000-$15,000 CPI will perform analyses equivalent to other firms typically charge $150K-$500. The scope of a Classic Planning Institute Urban Diagnosis may include analyses such as:

  • Town and Country resilience
  • Architectural stress
  • Urban Homeostasis Imbalance
  • Taxonomy of Urban fabric types
  • Perceived densities
  • Measure of well-building – Long term Building Resilience
  • Overall experiential urban wellness rank – beauty scale
  • Identification of town or city’s Reason for being and aspiration / Community Identity / (“Branding, theming”}
  • Technology STRESS
  • Climate Change – Meteorological / climatological stress
  • Seismic and geophysical stress
  • Hydrological stress / ocean, river, and lake
  • Biological and biome health stress and resilience
  • Inadequate potable water supply
  • Inadequate sewage treatment
  • Inadequate Waste disposal
  • Poor air quality
  • Data streaming / internet
  • Inadequate markets and retail venues (food distribution)
  • Inadequate parks and urban horticulture
  • Inadequate housing
  • Inadequate medical and mental health facilities
  • Inadequate schools
  • Inadequate power supply
  • Destruction of built heritage,
  • Destruction of natural environment

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